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Python Training in Bangalore

IP4 Networkers is one of the best institutes for Python training in Bangalore. The Trainers are well qualified to train you on python language which is the future of development in applications like Machine Learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and many more.


Python programming language has the most promising career in technologies, industry. The opportunities are increasing tremendously in the python as a career, since the python has simple codes, faster readability capacity, significant companies are in demand in python language.

The various jobs on python includes the career paths of python developer, data analyst, software engineer, data scientist etc. Future applications such as AI and ML also uses python and many applications are migrating to python thus increasing the scope of python in India and through out the globe.

Our Trainers  has composed this Python Syllabus  to provide the details about Python study material, sample questions according to the industrial standards.

Python Training Content:
Section Content
Introduction to Python What is Python and history of Python?

  • Unique features of Python
  • Python-2 and Python-3 differences
  • Install Python and Environment Setup
  • Python Program
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation
  • Comments and document interlude in Python
  • Command line arguments
  • Getting User Input
  • Python Data Types
  • What are variables?
  • Python Core objects and Functions
  • Number and Math


Control Statements If-else

  • If-elif-else
  • While loop
  • For loop
  • Break
  • Continue
  • Assert
  • Pass
  • Return


List, Ranges &Tuples in Python



  • Lists in Python
  • More about Lists
  • Understanding Iterators
  • Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
  • Introduction
  • Generators and Yield
  • Next and Ranges
  • Understanding and using Ranges
  • More about Ranges
  • Ordered Sets with tuples


Python Dictionaries and Sets


Introduction to the section

  • Python Dictionaries
  • More on Dictionaries
  • Sets
  • Python Sets Examples


Input and Output in Python Reading and writing text files

  • Writing Text Files
  • Appending to Files and Challenge
  • Writing Binary Files Manually
  • Using Pickle to Write Binary Files


Python built in function Python user defined functions

  • Python packages functions
  • Defining and calling Function
  • The anonymous Functions
  • Loops and statement in Python
  • Python Modules & Packages


Python Object Oriented


Overview of OOP

  • The self variable
  • Constructor
  • Types Of Variables
  • Namespaces
  • Creating Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Types of Methods
  • Instance Methods
  • Static Methods
  • Class Methods
  • Accessing attributes
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Destroying Objects
  • Abstract classes and Interfaces
  • Abstract Methods and Abstract class
  • Interface in Python
  • Abstract classes and Interfaces


Exceptions Errors in Python

  • Compile-Time Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • Logical Errors
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling an exception
  • Try….except…else
  • Try-finally clause
  • Argument of an Exception
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Raising an exceptions
  • User-Defined Exceptions


Data Science Using Python Numpy:

  • Introduction to numpy
  • Creating arrays
  • Indexing Arrays
  • Array Transposition
  • Universal Array Function
  • Array Processing
  • Array Input and Output


  • What are pandas?
  • Where it is used?
  • Series in pandas
  • Index objects
  • Reindex
  • Drop Entry
  • Selecting Entries
  • Data Alignment
  • Rank and Sort
  • Summary Statics
  • Index Hierarchy
  • Matplotlib: Data Visualization
  • Python for Data Visualization
  • Welcome to the Data Visualization Section
  • Introduction to Matplotlib
Graphical User Interface GUI in Python

  • Button Widget
  • Label Widget
  • Text Widget


Download Complete List of Topics in PDF Format
Five  Different Tracks Sessions  Days on classes 
Super-Fast Track  6 to 8 hrs per day Mon- Thru
Fast Track  3 to 4 hrs per day Mon- Thru
Weekend Track  3 to 4 hrs Sat & Sun
Regular Track  2 hrs per day Mon- Thru
Online Training  2 hrs per day Mon- Thru
Total Duration is 1.5 Months. 

No Prerequisites

Course Exam Code Certification Fees Batch Start Date
Python Click here for Batch Dates 
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Python 07 Days 15 Days 40 Days 8 Weekend Class 12500

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Python 07 Days 15 Days 40 Days 8 Weekend Class 450

Note:18% GST will be Charged Extra

Program-Name Super-Fast-Track Fast-Track Regular-Track Weekend Price(Rs.)
Python 07 Days 15 Days 40 Days 8 Weekend Class 12500

Note:18% GST will be Charged Extra

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